Whats a good business without a solid plan?



Project Overview: Delivered creative marketing services tailored to the unique needs of Bankmen.

Achievements: Achieved a successful mint out of their collection, attributed to the effective and creative marketing strategies deployed.

Key Strategies: Utilized a blend of innovative marketing techniques and creative content, significantly boosting the project's appeal and market traction.


Project Overview: Provided extensive marketing and strategic services for CyberFrogs.

Key Strategies: Deployed innovative marketing tactics and strategic planning to enhance project visibility and appeal to a broader audience.

Impact: Enhanced the project's market presence, contributing to its overall success and recognition in the NFT space.


Project Overview: Engaged in community building from the ground up, focusing on creating a robust and engaged audience for Dworfz.

Achievements: Accomplished a complete sell-out of the NFT collection within a remarkable time frame of 3 minutes.

Key Strategies: Implemented strategic community engagement initiatives across Discord and Twitter, fostering a large and loyal community base, pivotal to the project's rapid success.


Project Overview: Developed a comprehensive NFT marketing strategy and an influential influencer marketing campaign for Helions.

Achievements: Successfully minted out an entire collection of 10,000 NFTs, achieving this significant milestone amidst a challenging bear market.

Key Strategies: Utilized targeted marketing techniques and influential social media campaigns to drive awareness and engagement, leading to the successful minting event.